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You’ve got Mold – Now What?

If mold is found, best practices are: Test-Remediate-Test-Rebuild

Mold Testing:

Get a Lab Test to put your Mind at Rest. We take a surface swab and air samples, then get an INDEPENDENT THIRD-PARTY laboratory analysis, then send you the results in a written report. Mold tests should be done before and after remediation, to identify the levels of each kind of mold spore present on the property.

Mold Remediation:

We take away visible, hidden, and latent mold. Mold behind walls can’t be seen but has a distinctive musty odor.
Remediation follows a detailed protocol guided by IICRC standards. In a nutshell, we cut out visible and hidden mold, sand off latent mold, wipe down surfaces with a non-toxic antimicrobial, and deploy an “air scrubber” to clean the air.

To prevent cross-contamination:

  • Airborne spores are HEPA-filtered
  • Work is done inside a containment (aka “critical barrier”) or in a “negair” environment (stale air exhausts outside and fresh air enters)
  • A/C vents and returns are sealed while we work


Restoration or rebuilding includes installing new drywall, replacement of mold-damaged items like wood cabinets, wood shelving, baseboards and A/C boxes. Non-porous materials like metal, ceramic and granite can be saved, cleaned and re-used.

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